My Baby

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Mama: "Goodnight my Baby-Boy...I mean, Goodnight Big-Boy."

Landon: "It's okay, Mom. You can call me your baby."

Mama: "Oh, good; because you'll always be my eldest baby."

Landon: "You can always call me your baby."


This tender-hearted little man just slays me.

He also plans on never going to college since he doesn't want to leave me. I'm sure this will change but in the meantime I've been explaining junior college and we seem to have an understanding there. 

He does plan on eventually moving out when he's a grown man. He will leave me and move next door. He plans to buy our neighbors house. That way he has his own family but he doesn't have to be too far away.

Sounds like a perfect plan to this Mama.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, such a sweet little guy!

Jessica G. said...

Your oldest baby is a cute one and has such a tender heart. I think Landon needs to talk to Connor and give him some pointers because Connor has asked to go live with both his grandparents and the neighbor!

Chelsea K. said...

So cute...makes my heart melt =)

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