The Best Beach Tip

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My sister cracks me up sometimes. She has a history of saying that she absolutely loves the beach...but she hates the sand! 

Of course, this made absolute no sense to me for years as I find that there is nothing more satisfying than a day in the sun with salt in your hair and sand on your toes. 

Then I started taking little people to the beach...and the sand was no longer just on one's toes. Suddenly there was sand everywhere. On hands, feet, legs and arms; in mouths, ears, hair, and caked in chubby fat roles. Sand that stuck no mater how much towel rubbing, water dunking. body shaking Mom enforced. Sand that carried itself into the car, house, and bathtub. Sand that caused rashes and cranky babies. Sand, sand, and more sand. 

But just last week a friend shared with me the absolute best beach tip ever (just in time for summer!). The antithesis of sand - baby power! 

For years she has carried baby powder in her car just for the beach. After a glorious afternoon jumping waves and building sandcastles she marches her brood up to the car and douses them in baby powder. Then she merely wipes the sand away with a gentle stroke and it all falls off easy as can be

I tried her trick the very next day and glory, hallelujah it works. A cloud of baby powder makes the stickies sand just slide right off your kids' skin. Even the babies thigh crevices and creases were grit-free and smooth. And not only that but my children, and my car, smelled great the entire ride home! (Albeit the kids looked a bit like ghosts.)

So if you're beach bound this summer stock up on the white stuff. It's beach magic. 


Ryan and Camille said...

Im definately trying it!

Jessica G. said...

I am going to have to try this as I am one of those people that isn't so fond of the sand.

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