Meet Anna

Hi. I'm Anna. I love my man, my three amazing kids, and words. I'm an enneagram 9w8 meaning I'm good-natured and like to keep the peace, until my radar for injustice goes off. Then I'm suddenly outspoken, passionate, and a crusader for the underdog.   

A good many things make my heart joyful. Including: coffee in bed, camp trips with my crew, eggs and waffles for breakfast, yoga, the ocean, books...books...and more books, homemade chocolate chip cookies, my family, a good IPA, laughter with my girlfriends. 

A few years ago I discovered a passion for clean beauty. Beautycounter's mission to change industry standards, and it's offering of high-performing safe products, has lead me into a career I love. 

I live with my heart on my sleeve and the 
intentionality of knowing at the end I can say:

that I LOVED hard
LISTENED intently
and GAVE IT my all

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