The Boy With The Big Personality

Friday, March 28, 2014

If you follow me on Instagram or FB you've already seen this photo, but I just had to use it again because it perfectly captures my Parker's personality. 

Parker's personality is BIG. 
It's expressive, and loud, and busy, and engaging, and hilarious. 
The kid has such a big personality I'm afraid it's going to swallow me up whole.

Toddlerhood with P is like nothing I've experienced in mothering. 
He's a nonstop tornado.
A whirlwind of activity and conversation.
He can jump from "reading" books (he only scans pictures and refuses to sit still long enough to let me read to him) to playing legos to digging dirt to "helping" sweep in the span of 2 minutes.
He refuses to watch TV for more than 1 minute.
He loves to join me in the bathroom a brush his teeth, unroll toilet paper, "clean" the bathtub, unfold towels and empty lotion bottles. 
I know this is typical toddler behavior but the thing that sets Parker apart is his ability to do it all with such enthusiasm

Everything is fun.
Everything's a game.
The world is his oyster.

Until you piss him off.
Then everything is still BIG...
...big frustrations.
Big screams.
Big hits.
Big fat, dramatic crocodile tears.

Followed by big hugs.
Big kisses.
Enormous smiles.
Endless belly laughs.

In the past week Parker has me wavering from wanting to pull my hair out (buckets of dirt carried inside from the garden and emptied all over the living room) to wishing fervently he would never grow up so I can keep his chubby, soft, delicious toddler body snuggled up with me for the rest of my life.

So when you see the #mycrazyparker photos on Instragram laugh along with me, and then - if you don't mind - say a little prayer for my survival.


Jessica G. said...

I love that picture and I totally get what you are saying. Isn't it funny how having more than one child makes you realize how much babies are born with personality?

Linda Z said...

Oh my goodness, he is keeping you on your toes!! :) Isn't it funny how 2 brothers can be so different?

Ryan and Camille said...

I do love this post so much! Great celebration of who Parker is!

brittany said...

I can relate. I have one of those with a Big Personality and from what I have learned they can bring the biggest laughs and the most frustration.

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