Getting Caught Up

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sorry for my long absence. I'm having a tough time getting caught up after our camping trip. It's me against the piles of laundry and the laundry is winning. 

Until I can get the housework back underneath me I'll leave you with far too many iphone photos of our get-away.


Adrie @Little Wife said...

That TREE! I can't get over that TREE!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Neither could we! I think we took at least 300 photos of it!

Jessica G. said...

That looks like a great adventure. And that tree is absolutely amazing.

Linda Z said...

What a fun family you are! I love the tongue photo! And I agree, the tree is amazing.

brittany said...

Your photos are so great! I love the very first photo! This looks like it was so much fun and such great memories!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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