Landon's First Zinger

Monday, July 22, 2013

This little rockstar totally dished it out to his mom last week. We were packing the car for our trip and I asked RJ to bring me a specific surfboard:

Landon: "But you don't surf Mama."

Me: "Yes I do Landon. You know that!"

Landon: "oh yeah. You just don't catch waves!"


Being the only female in a house of dudes I'm pretty certain this won't be the last time I'm thrown a zinger.

PS - And for those of you who remember David he one-upped me pretty good today. Landon was asking about visiting The UK (his soccer camp coach is British) and I explained that if I was to take him to England we would need to take a plane so we could cross the ocean. But apparently he'll be going with David instead. Because David has a car that turns into a speedboat with the capabilities of crossing the Atlantic Ocean. 

David wins again. 

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