Reason #562 Why I Admire Kate Middleton

Friday, July 26, 2013

I know I'm a day late on this post but I had to chime in anyway. The blogging world went crazy yesterday with discussion about Kate Middleton's post-baby bump. Apparently, the Duchess received criticism from some for still being "fat" two days after giving birth. And after OK! magazine released this magazine:

there was a social media flurry as women across the globe rushed to defend the new mother. (Read the full article here.)

I can't believe this is even a topic for discussion. What has happen to our society that women are so ill educated about pregnancy and post-pardum realities?! 

It makes me sad to realize how many people only know childbearing and rearing as portrayed by Hollywood. And I'm angry at celebrity mom's for not using their public platform to celebrate the wonder of the female figure. Our bodies can grown humans! It's miraculous! Instead famous women slip out of hospitals in three layers of Spanx and skinny jeans while signing contracts with People magazine to reveal their post-baby diets. And have us "real" women gotten caught up in their  masquerade? Do we share the realities of postpartum life (big, soft bellies, stretched out belly buttons, cracked nipples, hemorrhoids, etc.)? Or do we hide behind big sweatshirts and suffer our "shame" in silence; turning conversation to the baby rather than to ourself. 

I'll admit, my girlfriend and I are open with each other about our postpartum bodies. And I'm thankful for that. But I've never been particularly celebratory of my stomach three days after giving birth. I've chosen to share photos of my brand new baby rather than ones such as this

rock hard boobs, extended squishy tummy, milk leak on shirt, dirty hair, GORGEOUS new baby boy

As Joanna over at A Cup of Jo pointed out, the Duchess of Cambridge is very fashion conscious. It was no mistake that she chose to wear a baby doll dress that displayed her figure rather than a mumu. Or she could have even hidden behind the baby. Instead, she purposefully made a beautiful statement about the natural order of things. And I greatly admire her for her courage. 


Jill said...

love this...and love princess kate even more than i already did!
i'm expecting my first in about a month and it's been helpful to hear from friends about what postpartum life actually looks like.
it won't be glamorous or easy or comfortable, but i feel reassured knowing what to expect. :)

Jill said...

also, the link to 'cup of jo' goes to a coffee distributor instead of joanna's site. :)

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Ha! Thanks Jill! I changed the link. And congratulations on your first baby!!! Postpartum life is tough but so incredibly worth it

Jessica G. said...

I love this. It really bothered me the things that people were saying about Kate. And it was obvious those words were coming from childless people. And I agree, it puts undo pressure on women to look perfect right away. I say, enjoy that baby, your body can wait!

jessi bridges said...

I was SO glad to see her wear something like that dress. She is obviously not afraid to show the world what a real post-partum body looks like. And those of us who have had children totally understand being unsure of our bodies afterward. It was definitely a breath of fresh air to see those photos. She is beautiful.

Two Cent Sparrow.
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