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Friday, July 26, 2013

I only have one favorite to share with you today but it is awesome!

A friend blogged about 100% Pure cosmetics and it definitely caught my attention, but I wasn't yet ready to make the plunge and order any products. Then, I received a sample of 100% Pure body lotion in my monthly Birchbox and was instantly sold on the the line.

I'm a bit of a body lotion junkie. I think I have about 6 in rotation right now. But the 100% Pure sample is by-far the best! It's thick and creamy without being at all greasy, and smells amazing! 

Since I had some Birchbox points I went to immediately buy a bottle of the lotion. But I noticed that they also had a mascara with fantastic reviews. Practicality got ahold on me and I decided to skip the lotion and go for the mascara since I was almost out. It just came yesterday and I am so stoked on it.

Made from all natural ingredients I feel good about putting it on my eyelashes. It lengthens and defines. I had no clumps at all. And best yet, it smells so good. Like blueberries. It's seriously temping to try and eat it. 

Plus, the packaging is cute. I'm a sucker for good packaging. 

You can buy it at the 100 Percent Pure website, on Birchbox, or at Amazon (100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Black Tea Mascara)

This post was not endorsed by 100 Percent Pure, Birchbox or Amazon. All opinions are my own. However, if you do make an amazon purchase through this site please know that I am using all proceeds to help fund out adoption. Thanks for your support! 

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