Thoughts In My Head During Dinnertime

Monday, July 29, 2013

RJ had a work thing to do tonight so I decided to go grab food out with the boys. We went to one of our favorite burger places and without another adult to converse with I found myself having quite the internal dialogue. It went something like this (in-between cutting up chicken nuggets, cleaning spills, correcting behaviors, fetching ketchups, etc.):

Look at that cute family in the booth next to us. Their girls are about the same age span and ages as my boys. They're dressed adorably. Little girl clothes are just so cute. 

Geez, look at those girls sit quietly while waiting for their food. I don't think either of them has jumped or twirled once. Meanwhile my child just accomplished an entire gymnastics division on a booth seat...and back, and table, and floor. 

Boys will be boys.

OMG is that a cart-cover cover for a highchair!!! You've got to be kidding me. I thought those  cart-covers were ridiculous enough; now people are making them for high chairs too. Let the child touch germs!

Although... it does look like it has a pocket or something to catch all the food droppings so you won't leave a huge mess behind at the restuarant. That is pretty cool. 

I wonder what she thinks about my child sitting in an uncovered chair.

Really?! A throw-away placemat too!! I must really look like a slacker - not only is my son sitting in a bare highchair but he's eating straight off the table. Props to you other mom. You are way more anal organized than I. 

I'm starting to kind of wish I had a disposable placemat. It seems so responsible. I loved it that time they gave me one at Chick Fil A. 

But at least I remembered a portable bib for lunch at the zoo today...but I did forget a diaper (thankfully we didn't need one). And I don't have a bib right now either. 

Oh well. I'm just not that mom. I realized that long ago. And my kids are healthy and happy and surviving.

Here comes their food. 

Obviously you opted out of the french fries at got the kids apple slices. And milk. 

What must you think of me with my boys eating the kids meal with nuggets, french fries (because I wanted a few), and a soda (which I snagged and gave them water)?! Hey, at least I shared half my avocado with the baby and Landon ate all my cucumbers. 

Oh, wait. You ordered your baby and entire side of avocado. 

Okay. You win.

But I did just see you sneak your older daughter a handful of french fries! 
Glad to see your human (and not super-mom) after all. 

Oh, and now our babies are waving at each other and giggling. You're an adorable family!

So there you have it. The crazy inner workings of my head. A bit of competitiveness, some judgemental-ness (I'll admit it), a smidgen of insecurity, and ultimately good-will. 

And I'll leave you with a few completely unrelated, but totally adorable, photos of my kids at the zoo today. 

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Jessica G. said...

I am SO like this too! Comparing myself, that is. Oh, and I think the girl thing becomes null and void when there is an older brother involved. Isla takes her cues from Connor. In the grocery store today both of them were trying to climb on top of the car that's attached to the cart. I feel like I make a scene wherever I go with my monkeys.

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