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Sunday, July 21, 2013

We spent the last few days of our trip in San Francisco basically eating our way through the city. We had a list of great restaurant recommendations from friends, and my cousin Will took us out one nigh,t so there wasn't a shortage of places to eat (I was so full I had to skip at least a dozen places I had really wanted to try. Next time.) 

But at one point we were in an area we didn't really know so we Yelped "coffee shops", did a "nearby" search, and found some killer iced coffees. Sipping and relishing our discovery I glanced at RJ and asked, "How did we do it in Europe? How did we travel without our iphones?!" RJ looked puzzled and then laughed, "I forgot we didn't have iphones then. How crazy! What did we do? I guess we used guidebooks." Which is exactly what we did. But we both tripped out for the next hour over the fact that we travelled through Central America and Europe (something like 10 countries total) without iphones. Not only did we not have iphones we didn't even have mobile phones. We left them at home and just brought a calling card! It was 9 years ago though! Isn't it insane how much things have changed in less than a decade. We use our iphone constantly while traveling -  maps, road trip music, restaurant recommendations, booking hotels, etc. It seems so foreign to travel without it and yet we did out biggest trip yet without an electronic devices. It's good to travel with or without the phone - either way is great. It's just crazy to me to think about how much things have changed in such a short amount of time. 

Anyway, as if I haven't already said it 100 million times, we had a great trip! But we knew we were ready to be done and missing our boys when we found ourselves hanging out at Dolores Park watching the kids on the playground (gosh, we must have looked like total creepers!).

Thanks again mom and dad for making this trip possible. And thanks to Tracy, Andy, Stan and Will for the hospitality, recommendations and good-times.

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Ryan and Camille said...

Looks fun! Ill have to see if I can convince Ryan to do a trip with me sometime!

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