Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Landon has an imaginary friend.

He used to have two imaginary friends but Ice Cream faded away awhile ago and only comes to play sporadically.  David, on the other hand, has been hanging out for at least six months. 

My darling Landon without his buddy David
I never actually hear Landon and David interacting. They don't seem to talk to each other directly, but nevertheless Landon seems to know a lot about David. 

Here's what I know about David:
He's a one-upper. 

David does everything a little bit bigger, and a little bit better than everyone else.

A typical conversation in our home:

Landon: Mama, we should get a horse.
Mama: That would be fun, but unfortunately we don't really have the room for a horse.
But did you know that Mama had a horse a long time ago.
Landon: Oh. Well David has TWO horses.


Daddy: Landon you need to eat all your salad before dessert.
Landon: David already ate all his salad and his meat and his pasta.

So we know that David is the best at everything.
We also know that David is older than Landon (8) and that he can swim without a life vest, surf, and go to Big Boy School.
We are pretty certain David originated from this book:

No, David!

A friend asked me recently if I was worried about Landon and David's relationship.
I'm not in the slightest.If Landon's only friend was David I might be concerned but David's more like a ultra-cool-better-than-the-rest-of-us addition to the family.Plus, I had an imaginary friend too as a kid. And, except for wearing overalls and a candy necklace in college, I turned out to be a fairly normal adult.
How about you - did you have an imaginary friend as a child?


Sara LOL said...

I had an imaginary friend! Shocking I know. I think I was 7ish and he was a snake but I called him “wormy” and he followed me everyone. I think it’s a totally normal to have imaginary friends, I mean I turned out relatively normal minus the fact that I wore high Tommy Hilfinger socks with Dr. Marten sandals in grade school.

Jessica G. said...

"And, except for wearing overalls and a candy necklace in college, I turned out to be a fairly normal adult."

Nice one. I totally laughed out loud when I read that. I am certain there are so many things we do as kids that have no bearing on the type of person we will become. I slept with a stuffed animal until I was an adult. Now I have Ian!

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