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Monday, July 12, 2010

The other day, when Landon was pitching a fit about something or other, it really hit me that the "training" phase has actually begun. Parenting is no longer just about making sure he eats, sleeps, and physically progresses. Now we are responsible for raising up a compassionate, empathetic, educated, kind, and God-fearing young man who will be able to stand on his own two feet in just 16.75 years.

The task before me is daunting. The sheer responsibility overwhelming. So, I'm going with my own mother's approach. First, pray. A whole lot. And second, seek sound, Biblically-based, advice from family, friends and good books.

April and I grew up on Focus on the Family. We got their magazines, listened to their radio programs, read their recommended books. Dr. Dobson was a regular part of the family. The most helpful book I ever read in my teen years was Dobson's Life On The Edge. Two summers ago when I visited the Focus campus in Colorado and saw Dr. Dobson doing his radio show I actually teared up. The man loves Jesus, loves families, and loves practicality. And I'm looking for practical advice.

When I drove to work in Santa Barbara I often listened to Focus on the Family's daily broadcast. Being home the past year, I've fallen out of the practice. However, I just got the Focus app for my phone and it is awesome. Just this morning, while walking the dog and the baby, I stuck the phone in my pocket and listened to a 30 minute broadcast on parenting.

Focus has lead me to Dr. Kevin Leman. Dr. Leman wrote my favorite Christian sex book (Sheet Music) and his parenting advice is just as good (if not better) than his advice about whoopee.

If you get a chance listen to "Sound Advice for Today's Parents" by Kevin Leman at Focus on the Family. I'm headed to Amazon here in a moment to order some of his books.

And while I'm at it I would love your suggestions: What's your favorite parenting book and why?


The Pinheiro Family said...

Ha ha... just finished Lehman's "Making Children Mind without Loosing yours!!" It was awesome! Sierra is a strong willed tantrum throwing two year old... and it's really helped me to improve my approach to handling her in the last month! And it's a good one with sound advice you can apply now... and later!

Holls said...

we just had a super long discussion about parenting books on friday night. when i say we, i mean like 7 of my closest girlfriends. as a mother of a 5, 3.5 and 8 month old, most days i feel like i want to break windows. i've read quite a few books and my problem is nothing ever sticks. i try it out, with some success, but then it wears off for both the kids and myself. or i may implement something, but none of my friends do or they do something totally different. but my one friend said something friday night that i'm finding to be true more and more is all kids really are so different. lehman's may work for some, and the pearl's for another. kids, even in the same family respond to different parenting differently... that's my 2 cents.

One day at at time... said...

shepherding a child's heart is one of my favorites. it helps me focus on the heart issue- rather than the action. deal with the heart & hopefully you'll catch the problem before it becomes an action. HOPEFULLY! ha!

Anonymous said...

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