Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Fashion Weeks is here!
Check out all the fun outfits at Emery's blog

Shirt - unknown brand from boutique in SLO
Pants - anthro
Shoes - Banana Republic
Bracelet - gift Hubs brought home from Vietnam
Earrings - H&M
Bag - gift from sister

Usually I am a major bargain shopper - thrift stores, Marshall's, Target, clearance racks, outlets, etc. But, three summers ago I got a wild hair, walked into Anthropologie and skipped the sale rack! I bought three items - a pair of pants, a white dress, and a cropped sweater. And I have to say, they are most most worn items. Sometimes it really pays to splurge a little.


Molly Page said...

Those jeans are really, really cute!! So glad you splurged. They were worth it.

You look great.

Billi London-Gray said...

I have also found that some of the things I agonized over spending money on - those end up being worn and worn and worn and continuing to look great (like your outfit!). I might wear them so much because I feel like I have to get my money's worth out of them. But they keep going, so I guess it's money well-spent in the end. Nicely modeled. :o)

Emery Jo said...

great pants! I love the button detailing. They seem like they could be worn so many ways! I'm glad you're joining in again anna!


Rachael said...

I'm glad to hear of a splurge-gone-well. Especially at Anthro as that's where I'm most tempted to spend. This outfit is soooo wonderfully classic and fresh at the same time. I really like that semi-see through shoulders look and the tall waistband.

E said...

I love those pants. What a great staple item and definitely worth the splurge.

Lea said...

I love pants with that kind of waist! They make your booty look bigger ;-)

Jessica G. said...

I love your pants! They are seriously cute...and definitely worth the splurge! You look really cute today!

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