The 7-24 House - the backyard

Friday, July 9, 2010

From start to finish the backyard took us the longest. We did it in stages, starting the month we moved in (June 2008) and finishing three weeks ago. I'll start by showing you some before pictures, throwing in a "few" transition pics, and finishing up with some before and after comparisons.

A virtual tour before :
Your enter the side gate
walk up to the "barn" (glorified man-shed)
onto the patio directly looking into the living room
finally, wrap around to the side-yard

Now the work begins.
First we knocked down the random, unnecessary buildings,
pulled up old concrete, and basically cleared
all the debris until we had a bunch of bare dirt.

Meanwhile, "Barn Dave" moved in for a few months.
RJ works for Patagonia - we meet some interesting people.

Then we designed the new patio
We did hire a crew to pour the stamped concrete.
One of the few things we hired out.

Quite a few months go by. We work on the interior,
have a baby, and then RJ heads back outside to
build some raised planter beds for veggies (notice the new
exterior paint job too!)

Around this time he also put in a gas fire pit, but
unfortunately I have no work-in-procress photos.

A bunch more times goes by. We finish the front yard and
entire interior. Finally, the long thing left is our backyard lawn,
chicken coop, and a few final trees and plants.

RJ and I used a sledgehammer and our brute strength to
rip up part of the extra long RV parkway. Then digging and
placing irrigation.

And finally we're done!

Some before and after pics for your comparison.
Sorry their so small. I'll have to figure out how to make them
larger, but in the meantime just click on the image to enlarge.


Tim and Debra said...

Wow! You guys are such hard workers. It must feel good to be done. Enjoy it!

Tracy said...

That is some amazing transformations! Definitely somethings to be proud of!

Annie Brothers said...

Wow you guys did a great job!! Now you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor!!

Jessica G. said...

Love the backyard! The lights hanging over your patio area are so cute. I bet they look so fun at night. But, I do need to know more about this "barn Dave"...did he actually live in the barn?

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