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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I thought it would be fun to keep track of the movies and books I watch/read throughout 2008. SO I've decided to blog about my media ventures.

This last weekend we a real movie marathon. On Friday night i watched Cinema Paradiso. It was amazing! Somehow I had gone 25 years without hearing about this movie (well 19 years since its release) and it truly is a must-see. RJ thought it was slow, but slow doesn't have to be bad. You never felt bored, just reflective. The story is about a young boy in Sicily who befriends the crusty yet kind-hearted town movie projectionist. It is a great film that illustrates the importance of friendship, celebrates the power of film, and is one of the greatest coming-of-age stories I've ever experienced. Oh, and the ending is one of the most beautiful film endings I've ever seen.

On Saturday night RJ was helping a buddy move so I went to one of my favorite places in Ventura - the $3 theater! It is so fabulistic. You can see a movie on the big screen for less than rending it at Blockbuster (but popcorn is still a gajillion dollars). See that I was solo lady at the movies I chose the chicklettest chick-flick and saw Dan in Real Life (The catch with the $3 ticket price is that you can only see movies that are transitioning from the "regular" theater to DVD.)"Dan" was darling and funny, just like I expected. One of the better romantic comedies I've seen in awhile. Nice and clean, full of good old Steve Carrell humor, and a fuzzy, pertictable ending.

Finally, on Sunday evening I went to the movies with a friend and got my socks knocked off. We saw the movie Juno which has had a lot of buzz but I didn't really know anything about the film. It was wonderful. Tthe movie was hysterical. I was laughing my pants off. Ellen Page is unbelievably comedic as well as dramatic. The acting was superb. The storyline was fresh and the writing spectacular. From a Christian stand-point I had a few problems with the movie: language, premartical sex and sexual innuendoes, and it wasn't anti-abortion; however, the general movie was extremelly pro-choice. I want to see it again.

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The Harper Family said...

Thanks for the movie review...I'm always look for good movies and books. I liked Dan in real Life and so did Mike. I have been wanting to see Juno, so your comments make me want to see it that much more.
Miss you Anna...tell RJ the Harpers say hi!

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