Christmas 2007

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The stores might be decorated for Valentine's Day but I see no harm in posting my Christmas pictures now. Christmas 2007 was a really good one. RJ and I both got to take more than a week off work; allowing us to visit both families and head to Cabo for New Years with the Blackwell family.

Fist we hit the Hosking house in Placerville. We enjoyed cooking lessons with Papa Richard (an experience I'm going to need to blog about separately), visiting with all the sisters, a great Christmas eve dinner with family, and for the first time in a while a Christmas with Justin. Great memories!

After Christmas Eve dinner at the Hosking house we headed to Auburn to celebrate Christmas day with my Mom, Dad and April. As usual, we woke up early on Christmas morning (who cares that we're not children anymore. I am not going to deny that I''m still excited about presents!) We had a wonderful, traditional Christmas morning with coffee, french toast, reading of THE Christmas story, and fun gifts. Later that afternoon my extended family came over for Christmas dinner and dessert. I also go a special Christmas treat, late that night my three best girlfriends from high school came over. While we've all stayed in touch we haven't all been in the same place and the same time since my wedding. A great ending to my day!

I would finish up this blog with Cabo photos but it is getting late for me (9PM), so I'll have to post them soon.

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