Saturday, January 12, 2008

I have five cousins of my Dad's side of the family (there are 7 grandkids total including my sister April and I.) My Dad has two younger brothers and the three of them are close. Therefore, I've grown up next to Willie, Sallie, Steven, Joey and Brad. As we gotten older we don't get to see each other as much but we still try and reunite over the holidays. This last Christmas everyone gathered at my Mom and Dad's house (except Sallie and her new hubby David). We tried taking a family picture (which RJ organized using the camera's timer) on my parent's stairs, like we did last year. I posted the photo on Facebook this morning and got the following photo comments from my family:

April Joy Saltenberger wrote at 1:10pm:
Not as good as last year...but thanks for all your efforts RJ :)

will saltenberger wrote at 1:18pm
I wish I could say the same RJ. I feel it is your responsibility to ensure the picture is better then the previous years. I suggest you practice the next 12 months. Better luck next time.

Steven Saltenberger wrote at 1:27pm
lets look at a few mistakes. Aunt Becky is almost completely covered by Nonnie's afro. Moving on, RJ's shoulder took Brad pretty much out of the picture. April's head is half covered. This is just pretty sloppy. Next year we might have Sallie and David in it too, so there's some definite work needed to make it better.

will saltenberger wrote at 1:30pm
I will gladly second all of Steve's comments.

Anna Hosking wrote at 2:59pm
Ha! You all crack me up. I'll have a talk with RJ and see what we can do about this. We might need Nonnie (is that really the correct spelling?) to shrink a few more inches to ensure that everyone makes it in!

(From top left. Row 1: Steve, Willie, Joey. Row 2: April, Anna, Brad (barley). Row 3: Uncle Dave, RJ. Row 4: Uncle Ken, Aunt Kathy. Row 5: Dad, Aunt Becky. Row 6: Mom, Twitch dog. Row 7: Uncle Dave, Nonnie (OR Nounie, Noni, Nonie, ???)

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