I've Been With My Thoughts

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello friends!
I know this space has been pretty quiet lately. I've been sitting with my thoughts. Not really wanting to write them down (just yet) but mulling and thinking and wondering. It's nice to be inside you're own head every once in awhile. Actually, I would spend ever more time in a quiet place with nothing but the swirling of my mind -- but it's tough to do with two very busy, very demanding, very adorable little people at my heels. 

I'm excited we are planning a camping trip next week to a remote location (It's been five months since we've been camping. That's insane for our family. I miss it so much.) I'm nervous about being remote with the boys since they don't self-entertain easily but I am excited to escape the "noise" of the world around us. Between friends, neighbors, teachers, iPhones, computers, television, magazines, books, grocery store clerks, radios, etc. there is so much noise in our lives. The noise too often drowns the mind swirling. My hope is that the lack of noise will help me sort the swirling bits. Help me organize and even pin down in words the streamers spiraling inside me. I really feel as though God is stirring something up in me. I'm excited to dig around and see what it is.
The youngsters will still be at my heels thought so really it could be a misplaced hope. We will see. 

Meanwhile, I'll give you the five-second run-down on our lives these past couple weeks:

-- RJ has been working on converting our VW van into a true camp-mobile and going it a pop top. It's taking him forever and has been an insane amount of work. 

-- Design/Art school also started back up for RJ. On Tuesday he got to draw his first nude. He claims that is was not awkward. 

-- Landon continues to dig Hip Hop class. Thus far his inner black dancer has yet to come out. I'm hoping we find the rhythm before the big Spring Show. Yet, he loves it, so who really cares if white boy can't dance. 

-- We are waiting for a referral call to literally come any.single.day. I have my phone turned up to max volume at all times. 

-- Parker is hysterically funny and incredibly naughty all in one darling package. He keeps me on my toes constantly.  

-- He is also (finally) completely potty trained. However, he prefers the great outdoors over the toilet and he refuses to go at preschool so the poor child hold it for 3 hours. 

-- I am reading some awesome books that I can't wait to share with you.

-- I've also watched waaayyyy too much Friends on Netflix. 

And that's about it.
Hope you are all well and thriving. Xx

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