Hip Hop and Yoga

Saturday, January 24, 2015

As a tiny baby Landon would shake his booty whenever he heard a dance beat. My eldest boy loves to dance. He's the one who consistently starts the dance parties around in our home. When I'm scrolling through the radio in the car he always begs me to stop at the hip hop stations. The boy loves a good beat. 

He's been asking me for dance classes for years now. I first looked into Hip Hop classes about two years ago but you had to be at least 5 years old to attend. I planned on getting him signed up right when he turned 5 but things got busy (swimming, soccer, camp trips, etc) and it just never happened. But, finally, last week I got him into his first Hip Hop class. 

He went with his best friend Avery. I knew Landon would be the only boy in the class so before we went I asked him how he felt about that. "I don't care, mom. I have Avery and she's my friend." Sweetness. 

There are about 8 kids in the class and they dance for a full hour. They're learning a routine for a spring show and it's pretty much the most amazing thing to watch. Landon is still finding his rhythm but Avery and him sure tried hard; and they both already memorized the first part of the routine. After class he asked if he could go back the very next day. He said he still didn't care that he was the only boy but he did tell me that he doesn't want his picture on the wall because there are only girl pictures on the wall. 

I teared up driving him home from his first class. It's hard to be different and I'm so proud of him for being the only boy in his class. He's following his heart; he's putting his desires ahead of societal convention. The 6-year old culture very much divides "boy stuff" and "girl stuff" - for example, Landon would never tell me he likes the color pink. However, he's puttying his passion first and I'm incredibly proud of him. Dancing is in his bones -- his maternal grandmother was a professional dancer and his Uncle Justin studied dance in college. He's tall and white and gangly but he has heart and that will take him further than anything else. 

Actually, my boy has inspired his mama. For years I've desired to practice yoga regularly. Running has given me tight hips and hamstrings and yoga would be incredibly beneficial for my health. Plus some of those handstands look amazing. I've taken classes here and there but never consistently. Having a regular yoga practice is part of my New Years goals but it's almost February and I hadn't gotten around to starting it yet; until yesterday (the day after Landon's first dance class). I had the free time with both kids in school, and was feeling inspired by my boy's passion, so I finally just went for it. I loved the class. Left feeling amazing and I'm signed up to go again next week. 

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