Keeping Germs At Bay

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I feel like I ask this question every year, but I'm still wondering:
How do you keep the germs away?
Particularly during cold and flue season.

It's only November and Parker is already on his first dose of antibiotics for the season. He has bronchitis that was headed into pneumonia but thankfully we got him to the doctor before it could.
Poor little guy has been miserable the past few nights (and subsequently so have we).

I'm frustrated because I really try my best to keep my kids healthy.

They eat well. (They both eat all kids of foods including fruits and vegetables and recently I've been really limiting their sugar more than ever.)

I give them probiotics, vitamins, and use Elderberry syrup during the fall/winter months.

I keep hand sanitizer in my car for after school and the gym.

I'm even trying Essential Oils this year.

Yet we are on antibiotics once again.
I know there are those that try and treat cold/flu bugs without antibiotics, and I usually start with some of the natural stuff, but if it's progressed to the point that we are all losing sleep I am not willing to continue on the alternative path.
I just wish I could find a more effective way to keep them for getting sick at all.

Any other suggestions?
I'm all ears.


Jessica G. said...

I know this isn't advice, but I feel like people are either inclined to get really sick or they aren't. There always seems to be families I know who's kids get every horrible illness out there every year. I don't know what it is.

I have a friend that told me about putting essential oils on the bottoms of feet every day and even if the kids do get sick, its less severe and doesn't last as long. I haven't tried it though.

Ryan and Camille said...

I got nothin. I've tried quarantining the kids, and they have gotten some of the nastiest illnesses from goodness-knows-where. Then I've put them in the gym childcare and they stay healthy...Two years ago they had green snot for like 5 months, then last year nothing. I just try and have them wash their hands before eating and that's about all I can do...although we also load them up on veges, garlic, onions, emergen-c "fizzy drinks" etc. Overall, I think they're super healthy, but I can't say why. : )

Rebecca said...

On some level I feel like a good bit of sickness with little ones is somewhat inevitable. I don't know about you but it seems like every time I turn around someone has their hands (or some other non-food item) in their mouth, ick!
It sounds like everything you're doing is really good! I have noticed that things pass faster and are less severe when I am using essential oils consistently. Sadly, I do think it matters which essential oils and I have found the pricey ones to work better. Darnit! I really didn't want them to. I signed up at a Doterra consultant, not really to sell them, but just to make them more accessible for our family since I notice a huge difference for us.

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