The Switch Witch

Monday, November 3, 2014

We had one of our best Halloween's yet. 
And, although it's not my favorite holiday, I must admit I really enjoyed this year.
The boys enjoyed carving a pumpkin on Thursday night at our neighbor's annual carving party.

Parker mostly ate cupcakes and jumped on the trampoline while Landon carved.

Then we got out for some early trick-or-treating with a group of good friends.

Three years ago my friend Amber and I dressed our eldest kids as Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so this year we matched the babies -- Superman and Wonder Woman.

Landon was stoked to be a ninja.
Parker had no idea he was going to be Superman until I tried the costume on him that morning.
The moment he saw himself in the mirror he "transformed" -- literally body slamming himself into the walls as he fought off bad guys. 

Following an expensive dental visit last week I decided to invite the Switch Witch to our Halloween celebration this year. Since I'm anti "witch" stuff I decided to stick with the name Switch Witch (Landon heard about her from school) but emphasize that she is a good witch - like Glenda from Oz.
Anyway, we invited her to come and switch out the boys' candy in the middle of the night in exchange for toys. The more candy you leave the better the toy. Landon was pumped all week. Despite his excitement I thought he would change his mind once he saw the pile on candy in front of him. But he surprised me by staying strong and choosing to only save 1 piece of candy. The Switch Witch was so impressed she left him some great toys and 7 pieces of candy to enjoy for free.

I'm curious -- what do you do with your kids Halloween candy?
I'm currently eating the last few Reeces and Milky Way from the Switch Witches stash and then it'll hit the garbage can. I just can't keep that stuff in the house; lthough I do admit I cringe when I see the wastefulness.
Superman has his creature comforts too


Jessica G. said...

I have never heard of the switch witch before. Was it something Landon's teacher told him about or other classmates? As for candy, we went to a fair at a church and Connor was so hyper, he just ran around and played almost no games, so ended up with an amazing haul of SIX pieces. Isla, on the other hand, made out big. I always hide the candy and dispense it over the following months. My kids have yet to ask for it the next day because it is all out of sight (collecting buckets included) by the time they wake the next morning.

Rebecca said...

With food allergies it really wasn't much of an issue in the past but I still try to limit sugar and I'm pretty anti-food coloring. I think they had about 4-pieces while we were at the Harvest party and then the rest we switch out for trader joe's honey peppermint patties (that I end up eating too many of. They've never been able to keep all their candy so they don't really question it. It's working for now!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Jessica - Landon and I heard about the Switch Witch from one of his friends at class. I thought it was a brilliant idea!

Becky - you are so good about keeping your kids eating healthy I'm not surprised Halloween candy isn't a big issue in your family. And I do love those TJ peppermint patties too!

Two Cent Sparrow.
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