When It Rains...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last week I managed to lose my iPhone, rake up hundreds of dollars in dental bills, and get a speeding ticket (in my defense I was nearly home after a 400 mile journey by myself with two small kids -- other mothers out there will understand my slightly leaded foot which honestly just got extra heavy for two seconds when a child spilled 500,000 tiny legos throughout the car in a giant explosion; chp officers apparently will not understand). I was so discouraged I silently cried the rest of the way home.

I just wasn't my week.

It's true -- when it rains; it pours.

But the Lord reminded me that in the big scheme of things I shouldn't be bemoaning all that much. I have was too many things to be thankful for to dwell on negatives.

However, I do hope that the maxim Bad Things Come In Threes is just as true.

In between my three disappoints last week the boys and I had a great time visiting my parents in Northern California. We enjoyed the fall weather and the colorful trees. Visited family, old friends, Apple Hill, the zoo, Fairy Tale Land, and more. My parents blessed me with an entire day to myself and I got to sleep-in every morning. Many more blessings than pains.

I do miss fall in Northern California. It's so beautiful!
Look at this darling park with all the colorful leaves, and there was just enough crisp in the air.

Apple Hill has gotten so commercialized it's no longer my cup of tea. I have such fond memories of being Landon's age and going to High Hill Farm to eat apples and fish in the kid pond. Now the kid pond is surrounded by shopping booths full of trinkets and a carmel apple costs you $5! Next year, if we find ourselves up there again, I'm going to skip the big farm and look for something tiny that provides apple picking and good cider - that's all we really need. 

Carmel Apple + Dirt Hill! 

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Jessica G. said...

Oh Anna, what a rough week. I always find that I beat myself up over things like that (like, say breaking my iphone twice in one month!!!) and I know I shouldn't dwell on them. I am glad you had a good time at home though.

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