Fashion on the 15th

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This morning, before heading out to bring Landon on his first Kindergarten field trip, I asked RJ to snap a quick Fashion on the 15th photo of the boys and I.

"Quick" might not have been the best verb to use.
Next time I'll try "focused" or "steady" or even "clear".
(Just kidding Babe - thanks for indulging me and my fashion photos.)

But, it's all okay because I ended up doing a little damage at Nordstroms while Landon field tripped. 
(Yes, I'm that parent that when offered a ticket to watch the Zuma Zume Dance show with the kindergarten class declined in favor of a Pumpkin almond-milk latte and a Nordys browse. #priorities #momoftheyear)

The past few years I've started making outfit "Wish Lists". I try to keep them simple 5-6 items that I really want. Otherwise I have a tendency to purchase a bunch of on-sale clothes that I like but don't love. Or I find something great but have nothing to wear it with. All of the items in the this outfit are from the Wish List that I wrote about 2 months ago. I find this approach saves me money since I try not to buy anything not on the list, and insures I get much more wear out of my purchases.

I've been on the hunt for a pair of distressed skinny jeans, simple brown ankle booties and a gray sweatshirt. I randomly found the boots at a boutique downtown a few weeks ago. The jeans and gray pullover are from Top Shop in Nordstroms. 

And that bag is my new love! It's a She+Lo cross body bucket bag. She+Lo is my friend's company and it rocks. I'm crazy about this bag. The cross body is awesome since it leaves two hands free for wrangling a certain toddler. And the bucket style is just big enough to hold all my junk.

Immediately after my photographer extrodinaire (Landon) snapped these iPhone pics (the good camera is too heavy for him) I had to strip everything off. It's still to warm during the day for fall clothes, but RJ and I have casual party to attend tonight so this will be the perfect look. 

What are you wearing now that fall is (kind-of) in the air?


Jessica G. said...

Cute outfit! My favorite pair of jeans ever were from Topshop. They always have such great clothes.

Anonymous said...

You look so great in skinny jeans and I do like those you'r wearing!

Ryan and Camille said...

im into that purse. Not too big, long strap...where can i get one?

Otto's Family Adventure said...

Cute outfit! Would love to hear how all of you are doing...Miss my cousin! And our boys need to get to know each other!

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