Weekend Warriors and iPhone Photos

Monday, September 22, 2014

We had a very full but very fun weekend.
It included:
 a soccer game (#3 was particularly adorable)

beach time (Mama's been surfing a few times a week these days. I can not even explain the ephoria)

a date for Mom and Dad (The intention was dinner and a concert. We never made it to the concert. We were too tired. It was 8:45pm. How old are we?!)

a 10k race for mom (I went into it thinking I would just get a good workout in since I wasn't particularly well trained. I ended up getting competitive, going hard and getting a new PR!)

alone time in Santa Barbara for mom (including a chai tea latte, a breakfast burrito, a bookstore, Free People, and Anthropologie. Blissdom.)

a bike ride, church, and donuts for the boys

and friends with dinner (aren't nearly decade long friendships some of the best!)

Then today I had to wake up and spend four hours with Landon's Kindergarden class (every Monday), pick up a tired preschooler, make lunches and force naps, do some work, play 4 games of Trouble, hit the grocery store and make fajitahs for dinner. 
It's time for bed!

Hope you're weekend was lovely too. 

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