Fashion on the Fifteenth

Monday, September 15, 2014

My Pinterest feed is exploding in autumn leaves and burnt orange colors, Starbucks has rolled out the pumpkin spice latte, and Trader Joes is carrying the orange JoJo's again. You would think fall was here. But, it's actually still summer for 8 more days and the weather isn't about to let us forget it.
It's been hotter in our little town for more consecutive days than I can ever remember. So rather than wearing my new Patagonia clothes I'm still in summer shorts and tees. 

Our morning didn't go quite as smoothly as I anticipated so I had to rely on Landon for these pics. (Therefore please excuse the blurriness; although for five years old I think he did a pretty great job.)

The first photo is what I wore to help in Kindergarden today.
shirt: Marine Layer//shorts: Patagonia//shoes: Birkenstocks
I am completely in love with Marine Layer tees. They are so soft and comfortable and wear so well. Totally worth their higher price tag. I got some last December and have practically wore them out not because their low quality but because I wear them so often. 

The middle photo is my darling child who dressed himself this morning. He also got a haircut two weeks ago and already needs another. Goodness!

And the last photo is my new Patagonia vest that I'm loving and can't yet wear since I'll literally melt.

So I would love to see what you're wearing right now too. is it still warm in your neck of the woods or are you getting cooler weather yet?

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