A Last Minute Camp Trip

Sunday, September 14, 2014

We had such a busy week last week that I half thought RJ was kidding when on Thursday night he suggested going camping for the weekend. 

I had started my weekly help in Landon's class on Monday (3.5 hours a week required from each family.) RJ stared school in LA Tuesday and Thursday night. We met with our social worker to update our Home Study on Wednesday. My body succumbed to a nasty cold. Landon had soccer. Parker was as busy as ever. Needless to say, camping sounded great but the preparation required for camping sounded awful!

But when he was still talking about it excitedly Friday I knew I should rally. Thankfully we camp so much that the prep isn't too bad. If I hadn't had a busy Friday morning planned it would have been no big deal but I had a bunch of stuff on the calendar so it ended up being a mad dash at noon to try to leave by 2pm. 

With our late departure we weren't counting on getting a camp spot but we were gifted with a sweet surprise spot at Refugio. Which Landon claims is he favorite campground. (It is a great one.)

Despite my wanting to settle in at home lately getting away was exactly what our family needed. I got a long beach run in, the kids got to run around a burn their endless energy and RJ relaxed. RJ's such a busy guy that I think getting away from the house and his many projects helps him unwind and truly veg-out a little bit. I, on the other hand, have no problem begging out anywhere. :)

We ended up heading home Saturday night. Twenty-four hours away was just enough. Sweet family time, some R&R, some beach play, and we got to sleep in our bed last night and get to church this morning. 
That's what I call a stellar weekend.
Now for another busy week!

How was your weekend?

And don't forget, Fashion on the Fifteenth Link-Up tomorrow! I probably won't get the link ready until later in the afternoon so you have time to still get a photo and play along. 

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