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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We are in our fourth week of Kinder and our third week of preschool. I feel as though we are finally settling into that routine I've been missing. My mornings begin early (Kinder begins at 8:15!) but I'm adjusting to the new schedule and actually enjoying the benefits of being an early bird (quiet, cozy house and coffee that tastes extra good). 

Soccer season is back and Landon had his first game this past Saturday. The field is bigger than last year and he complained of pain in his legs the next day. At first I couldn't figure out why but then I realized he had ran incredibly hard for all four quarters of the game and he wore his skinny little leg muscles out!

Parker is still crying at preschool drop-off but his sweet teachers assure me that he's all smiles within 2 minutes of my departure. And yesterday was the first day he didn't burst into tears when I arrive to pick him up. Although he did still run for the door at a mad dash. 

RJ started school this week too. He'll be taking some industrial and fashion design courses down in LA two nights a week. It's hard to have him gone those evenings but we are excited for this opportunity.

Other than that I've been baking (when it's not too hot to turn on the oven) and indulging in some online fall shopping. (Patagonia has some cute stuff this season. Shameless plug!) And I'm also trying to find myself a new car. I need more seats. I'm sure a minivan is in my future but I'm exploring a few other options as well.

What do you drive?
Do you love it?

I really want a car that's not only practical but that I'll enjoy driving. 
I hate to part with my Prius since gas prices are high and only getting higher come January but I need more room for these growing kids and their buddies!

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Adrie Little said...

We have a Pontiac Vibe. It surprised me in how much I love driving it! It's a stick shift, and I had to learn... but I really really love it. So, I guess... try something that you wouldn't expect! It might be super great.

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