Kinder Calendars and A New Season

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Today I received an email with Landon's official 2014/2015 School Calendar. While plugging dates into the big family calendar on the fridge I realized that come fall we will be entering an new season in all our lives.

Parker's going to preschool two days a week, Landon's starting Kindergarden and I'm transitioning into "the elementary school years" of parenting. Obviously I still have a little at home but things will be really different with Landon in elementary school.

I remember my mom telling me how all she did for years was drive. Drive me to school, drive my sister to school, pick me up, pick April up, drop one of us off for swim practice, drop the other one off for horseback riding, etc., etc., etc. I'm already seeing that in my own life.

I thought with Landon at Kinder and Parker at preschool next year I would have two mornings (6 hours) to myself. But I realized the other day that by the time I drop off one, drop off the other, help in Landon's classroom (it's a requirement for the school we chose, plus I want to), pick-up one and race across town for the other -- I'll end up with a whooping 2 hours a week of alone time! And three times as much time in the car. But hey - I'll still take it!

Oh, and for those of you who remember how much I agonized about where to send Landon, we obviously have made a decision. We prayed and prayed and prayed and really felt like homeschool wasn't what God had for us this year. Then we ruled out private school and we applied to two different charter schools in the area. I specifically asked the Lord to close and open doors because I couldn't make a decision. He closed one and opened the other.

We are excited about Landon's new school. It's progressive (i.e. borderline hippy-ish) and small with a private-school feel. Parental involvement is high (mandatory 4 hours a week in the classroom) and class sizes are small (lottery enrollment). We have heard there aren't many Christians at this school (it's obviously very liberal -- you can tell when you walk on campus) but we are okay with that since we know the Lord is going before us and has His hand on Landon and our family. (I still get nervous about this sometimes but since I will be in Landon's classroom so much I am confident I'll be able to see what goes on and watch for inappropriate influences. Plus, the Lord really has lead us to this school for now.) The school focuses on the whole child (they are big on teaching kids conflict resolution and communication) and they also follow a project-based learning curriculum which I LOVE. It's the type of place that has a yearly three -day all-school campout and only gives out carrot sticks and string cheese for snack. I think we are going to fit in well. :)


The Schmidts said...

That's awesome! Closing in on our third year in the elementary school years I can tell you it is lots of fun! Yes you will be more scheduled and will drive a ton, but you will love seeing Landon grow up these next few years and make new friends and get to be a light in his school!

Jessica G. said...

That sounds like an amazing school! I wish there was a school I could describe as hippy around us. I am already struggling about where to send Connor and I have another year before I have to make that decision.

Unknown said...

That sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing the info :). Having kiddos in school does change the game a bit and you schedule isn't your own but it becomes the norm and coffee will be your best friend :).

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