Museum of Natural History

Saturday, May 24, 2014

We ventured to the Museum of Natural History with friends yesterday.
I didn't even have to go inside to know I wanted to buy the family membership.

Such a wonderful place of exploration, learning and the great outdoors.

My kids discovered beautiful butterflies in the Butterfly Exhibit, dug for insects outside, held frogs, made mud pies, threw rocks in streams and sailed wooden boats. 

Had I not been ill-prepared without a sweatshirt and freezing cold we would have been there all day. 

Thankfully I did get the family membership so we will surely be back.
I love having my little men outside.
It's so good for kids to get dirty and play in the shade of a giant oak tree.

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Unknown said...

gorgeous! sometimes i take the kids to statford butterfly world which is not far from us! They love it x

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