Weekend Highlights

Monday, February 10, 2014

-- Saturday Landon had his first "motorcycle" ride on Uncle Matthew and Aunt Jessica's scooter. There was anticipation at first but once we got him on he couldn't get enough. Parker wanted a ride too but his noggin was (surprisingly) too small for the helmet. Instead we just sat him up on the bike and Aunt Jessica took some amazing photos that I'm hoping to steal from her soon.

-- Saturday night RJ and I had a date. We saw the Leo DiCaprio movie Wolf of Wall Street. We walked into it blind knowing nothing except that the acting was supposedly good. And the acting really was good. Very good. But we probably should have walked out; it is one of the dirtiest movies I've ever seen. I don't recommend it.

-- Our neighbor just stared a new business: a mobile juice truck. Sunday was his trial run and he gave free juice to everyone in the 'hood.

-- Bethany asked me a really great question concerning my post on rising in the morning before my kids. To answer her question, I have to tell you about this magical little device: the
OK to Wake Children's Alarm Clock

I debated spending the $30 on this thing for months. I am so glad I finally did it.
Worth every penny!
It is against my moral code to wake up regularly before 5:30am. It upsets me to my core. (I really prefer to never wake before 6am) Since Parker sleeps until 7 I can wake up an hour before him, but Landon is often up around 6. Enter the alarm clock. He is instructed to stay in bed until the clock lights-up. If he's noisy and I'm worried he'll wake Parker I transferred him to our bed for the remaining time.

-- And I have decided to do the fashion link-up. I'll be doing it monthly rather than weekly. And I'm hoping to start soon. More info to come shortly!


Bethany said...

Thanks for the clock tip Anna, unfortunately it won't work for us at this time because the boys share a room and E is the one who wakes up first and will not be quiet! Maybe someday!

Jessica G. said...

How did you get Landon to care about the clock? Connor has the same clock (has had it for a year). He loves playing with it, but doesn't care about it not being light up yet and gets out of bed anyway.

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