Intentional Living - Month 1

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

You may remember that instead of a New Years Resolution I chose a word for the year: Intentional. 

My goal is to be intentional in all aspects of my life; focusing on particulars each month. For January I wanted to be intentional with my mornings.

I don't wake up quickly - I'm one of those people that needs to ease into the day. My beautiful children, on the other hand, wake up early and ready to embrace life! Landon jumps out of bed with an enthusiasm that, frankly, seems somewhat wrong - no one should be that energetic before the sun rises. Thankfully Parker sleeps in a bit longer but once he is awake he is ready to seize the day - starting with an enormous made-to-order breakfast.

Before being intentional to wake-up earlier than my kids I would Landon as my alarm clock. He would wake me up by standing right next to my bed, breathing in my face, and (loudly) asking: "MOM, what's for breakfast? MOM, can I have your iphone? What are we doing today? Do I get to go to school today? Can I have a snack?"

Needless to say I often started off the day grumpy; and nasty, negative, and irritable with my kids. When mom starts the morning off that way often the entire day goes that way (or at least the first few hours). I knew I needed to change my habits and rise before my children.

At first it was tough (Oh how I love sleep) but the reward of a quiet morning to myself kept me motivated. After one full month of practice (I do give myself the occasional sleep-in day) I can honestly say that I prefer my quiet morning alone to my extra hour of Zzzzzs. Those mornings I am tempted to roll over and head back into dreamland I remind myself how nice it is to have a quiet room, a hot beverage, my Bible, time to check my email, read blogs, prep breakfast and suddenly it's so much easier to throw off the covers.

Plus, now I great my kids in the morning with a kiss and a smile.

Not to mention I've experienced some incredible sunrises and sweet time with Jesus. This is one of those changes in my life I look forward to holding onto.

For February I'll be focusing my health

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Bethany said...

That's really great to be intentional about the morning. I struggle with the boys waking me up and demanding this or that right away. Both of my boys are early risers too. So I have to ask, what time do yours get up?

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