Portraits 5/52

Sunday, February 2, 2014

I missed the first 4 weeks of purposeful weekly portraiture of my children, but I take some many photos of them I'm certain I have something filed away. 

The main two reasons I'm excited to link up with Practicing Simplicity for The 52 Project (which I found through Life As I Know It) is that 1) it will get me using and learning more about my camera and 2) I can already see the beautiful photo book I'll have at the end of the year. One-hundred and four photos of my growing boys captured week-by-week - a book I know I'll fawn over as an old lady in my rocker Lazy-Boy. 

Parker never, ever watches TV. He doesn't care for it a lick. 
But yesterday he asked me for a cartoon.
He watched it for all of 2 minutes, but I thought it was so cute that he realized he wanted to watch one and then clearly communicated his wishes to me.

Landon is morphing into a "big boy" right before my eyes. I'm watching all the baby-fat melt away as he grows tall and lean. His interests are expanding and lately he's been obsessed with skateboarding as well as surfing.
When we arrived at the skate park yesterday Landon tried a ramp for the first time and immediately fell. For the rest of the hour he wouldn't try it again no matter how much I coaxed. Then, just as we were leaving, he mustered up the courage to give it another go. It took a few practice runs but in just a matter of minutes we conquered it. The pride in his eyes was beautiful.
My heart was equally full - I was so proud of him for facing his fears and tenaciously tackling that ramp.


jessi bridges said...

I did this last year with my 2 boys and documented it each week in my Project Life album. It is wonderful to flip through each page and watch them change over the course of one year. Enjoy it!

Jessica G. said...

Parker looks so grown up in this picture. And way to go Landon with facing his fears. After Ian and I saw the video you posted on Instagram of Landon skateboarding, we decided we need to get Connor a skateboard.

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