Friday Favorites - When RJ's Away

Friday, January 31, 2014

When I'm on my own there are a few things that I appreciate more than ever:

- Netflix and their endless supply of children's cartoons

- Landon's light-up alarm clock that keeps him in bed in the mornings until whatever time I choose to program it for

- Our Starbucks espresso machine

- Trader Joe's frozen meals...fairly healthy, delicious, and ready in about 8 minutes

- My Mom and Sister visiting

- Living in a neighborhood where we can step out our front door and find a friend to play with in under a minute

- Southern California weather that allows us to enjoy the beach, bike rides, camping, the skate park, etc. all year long

- Usually I dislike the shorter days of winter but an early sunset sure helps a Mama convince her 4 year old it's bedtime at only 6:30pm

- Daddy. His absence helps me  re-appreicate just how wonderful my man is as a husband and a father

Hurry home RJ; we miss you! 

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