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Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm excited for my first monthly fashion post!

Since I just launched the idea I don't have much to show you today; just two outfits I wore recently.

I'm sorry the photos aren't great. Either I need to get better at using the tripod or get dressed before RJ leaves for work so I can have him take a few shots.

As my title states it's important to me to enjoy fashion in everyday (not that I don't have my sweatpants/workout gear days; I most definitely do!). But it's fun to feel good in your everyday wear.

This out fit is pretty standard for me. Cute but comfortable.

shirt: Nordstrom Rack//pants: nNordstroms rack//shoes: converse//necklace: thrifted
This next outfit it a bit trendier, but ever more comfortable. Bonus!
Apparently I'm into the pouty, fish-faced look while modeling.
tee: Marine Layer//pants: Nordstroms rack//shoes: Ross-5 million years ago//nails: Zoya//necklace: f21
You can't really tell but I'm wear those tapered trouser pants that really in right now. They remind me of gaucho pants which were huge when I was in college. A trend that probably won't be around forever, but they are so super comfortable I'll embrace them while I can!

I hope you'll link up below. 
Don't forget this is all about embracing everyday styles that you enjoy.
(Although I do want to see your special date night outfits too!)
You can also join in via Instagram with the hashtag #enjoyfashioneverday

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Jessica G. said...

I love both those necklaces! And that white shirt seems like the perfect tshirt. I'll be linking up, but not until next week. The days got away from me and I never got around to taking any pictures of my outfits.

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