7/52 Portraits

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A portrait of my boys every week for a year

wearing lunch. again.
 I love these two photos so much because of the grub on my boys faces.
Landon and Parker are both grimy little dudes.
I always swore I wouln't be one of those moms who's kids walk around with crusty pb&j and their faces but jokes on me because I just can't keep these two clean.
I washcloth them, douse them in water, tackle them with baby wipes but no matter what I do they manage to get dirty again not 30 seconds later.
I guess boys will be boys after-all.

6 minutes after  his bath


Jessica G. said...

Stunning picture of Landon. And, it's not just boys that are always dirty. Isla loves her some dirt I'm pretty sure more than Connor.

Anonymous said...

Umm, I'm thinking, did Parker swallow a lot of bath water? Just saying its either that or a big dinner. Kisses from Oma who loves her boys and their dirty faces

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