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Thursday, February 6, 2014

There are so many amazing fashion blogs on the web. 
Click on the "fashion" category on BlogLovin' and you can find yourself enough fashion-lust material to satisfy even the clothesiest clothes-horse. 

Many of the most popular fashion blogs feature gorgeous girls in incredible clothes. And like Vogue magazine they're fun to look at and be inspired by but definitely not so practical for the rest of us more non-NYC living, on-a-budget, comfort loving "regular people." 

I actually love seeing the great outfit my friends put together as much as I enjoy InStyle magazine. All of my friends have slightly different styles and it's so fun to see the variety of outfits at preschool drop-off. That being said there is a no judgement ever between girlfriends for wearing the same outfit three days in a row (less laundry!) or for having a sweat-pants day week. It's probably more often than not that I put fashion on the back-burner.

But I do love clothes.
It so fun to have wear an outfit you feel good in.
As I've gotten older I am finally coming into my own style. I know what I like. I'm more selective about what I buy. I also tend to buy less and invest more financially into really great pieces. 

Here's a pretty typical outfit for me. It's something that's comfortable enough for mommy and me gymboree, stylish enough to satisfy that fashion flair, and something I feel good wearing.
shirt: patagonia // jeans: paige denim

cuff: gift // shoes: minnetonka for madewell
Years ago I participated in a few Fashion Weeks hosted by other bloggers. They were so fun. I love having the excuse to put together outfits and I really loved seeing other peoples styles. I actually miss these fashion weeks alot. So, although it's incredibly awkward to a) take selfies b) "model" and c) put these photos on the web I am going to do it anyway. This isn't a fashion blog by any means, but that doesn't mean that "the rest of us" can't enjoy and share fashion everyday. I think everyday styles are some of the best.  

So, I have a question: If I added a link-up would some of you participate in a weekly fashion post (or Instagram post) with me? I think it would be way more fun; so let me know if you're interested. 

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Jessica G. said...

You are pretty much wearing my cold weather staple outfit - flannel and jeans. But your shoes, I am having some shoe envy right now! And I would totally participate in your link up.

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