Weekend Highlights - Mom Takes Us Camping

Monday, January 27, 2014

It's just the boys and I for the next 12 days.
RJ is working testing product (i.e. surfing) in Baja, Mexico.
(His life is tough.)
Thankfully my mom and sister are headed into town on Wednesday to help offer some relief.
But until then there are 5 days to fill so I kicked-off our solo stretch with an overnight camp trip.

A big group of buddies grabbed some camp sites at El Capitan last Friday night. The boys and I got there Saturday morning and immediately hit the beach for hours of sunshine and fun. Then it was bike rides, sunset walks, scooter races, dutch-over lasagna, marshmallows, campfires, and laughs.

The best part of this photo is the background

Parker really loves his friends

And so do I
Things I learned about camping without RJ:

- There is so much to pack when you're packing alone!

- My friends are crazy amazing. People pitched in to watch my kids, help me with the van, dish me a plate of food while I fed my boys, and even fetch buckets of hot water from the bathroom so I could rinse my filthy rug-rats. 

- I could do it completely alone (no friends/just me and the kids) but why would I ever want to. Maybe when they're older. But it is nice knowing that I really think I could manage solo if I had to.

- My kids are good campers. They've done it so much they're pros at this point.

- We had a blast; but it's always more fun with Dad.

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