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Friday, January 24, 2014

Last year I ran 3 official running races - two half marathons and one 10K. One of my goals this year is to run 4 races and increase my total yearly milage. Yesterday, I registered for my first race of the year. My friend Sara and I are running as a team (Team: "Off Like A Prom Dress") in the Girl On Fire 10K in Santa Barbara. The race is in early March so it's time to start training regularly. 

I'm particularly excited to start training since discovering the Map My Run app for my phone. This app is changing my running life. It tracks my milage and pace, keeps track of my favorite routes and suggests different course ideas of varying milage. It allows you to set goals (50 miles in 5 weeks or increase pace by 30 seconds per mile, etc. and keeps track of your progress). It even has a feature to track calories consumed and burned if you're goal is to shed pounds. I love the robotic voice over (why are those voices aways women by-the-way?) so interups my music at every mile marker to tell me my overall pace, milage, and my split time. Apparently you can also link up with friends to compare training, share routes, and encourage one another.

Just like a new pair of shoes or running shorts can get me fired up for weeks I'm hoping the excitement of the app keeps me training hard for the March race. Although, the cupcakes and beer at the finish may be motivation enough! 

Do you have this app?
Do you like it? 
How do you stay motivated to keep up a fitness routine?

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