Jonah's Skate Park

Monday, January 13, 2014

We had the opportunity to be part of something really special this weekend. Jonah is a friend of ours; his mom works with RJ at Patagonia. Jonah is 15 years old, he loves to skateboard, and he has a cancerous brain tumor. 
When the Make A Wish Foundation granted Jonah a wish he asked for a skate his backyard. And a huge crew of people came together to make it happen.

Saturday was the grand opening of Jonah's park and hundreds of people came out to support him and his family.

Jonah's bowl (I'm learning all this new skate lingo) is amazing. It's insanely big and incredibly well made. Better than some skate parks in the area.

Van's brought their huge tour bus and gave away fun gear and free lunch. A handful of pro skaters came out and spent the day skating with the kids. The reporters and photographers, friends and family, were all in attendance - loving on Jonah and supporting him and his family during this terrible time.

  It really felt special to be a part of this day.
Cancer sucks.
And can I just say: childhood cancer sucks THE MOST.
It breaks my heart. It makes me yearn for Jesus to come back. It makes me mad. Honestly, as I look at my two healthy children it scares me.
I HATE cancer.

But I am thankful that in the midst of horribleness there is still goodness to be found. People joining together to support, encourage, love, and celebrate. Make A Wish is a rad organization (I would love to work for them one day)that really goes to every effort to truly make wishes come true. 
Saturday was a day of joy.

And my kids really got into it too.

I think I may have two skaters.
Especially the little one.

As long as they wear helmets and pads...and don't sag their pants too low...I'm okay with it.

 Both my boys skateboarded and scooted for nearly 4 straight hours. They couldn't be stopped.

Thank you Jonah for sharing your park with us!
It was such a fun day!

And friends,
Please pray for Jonah.
And pray for his mom and dad and brother.
And lets pray for a cure for cancer.


Jessica G. said...

I LOVE that make a wish did this for Jonah. I pray that God heal his body. Cancer really does suck.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way for "make a wish" to bring the community together. Childhood cancer is heartbreaking. Have to say I did like the last pic of Parker on the skateboard. So serious (with his diaper behind)

Two Cent Sparrow.
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