Parker Talks

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

...and talks, and talks, and talks. The little guy's vocabulary has taken off these past few weeks.

Parker does not care for traditional language development (much like his delayed walking). He started saying saying larger words before smaller ones, and phrases before simple one consonant words.

For example:

He does not yet say "no."

But he's been saying "What's that?" for months.

"Chicken" and "Sweep" were among his first words.

But he's just now saying "book" and "bath."

And both my children thought it was much more important to add the word "penis" into their vocabularies before the word "Mama." #priorities

But in the past few weeks Parker has started calling each of us by name. It's the gosh-dang cutest when he says, "Laaa-Dun." He's putting more and more words together and saying new things daily. It's so fun seeing more of his personality emerge as he learned to express himself with language.

But thankfully he still speaks in "Parker-ese" -- a gaggle of baby talks that sounds like a legitimate foreign language. And he speaks it with gusto and enthusiasm completely convinced that you understand his every word!

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