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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Parker crawled and walked "late"; crawling around 10 months and walking at nearly 16 months. While I was never really worried about him - the doctor said he was perfectly healthy and I knew he would crawl/walk eventually - but I did let his slow progress bother me. You don't realize how how good it feels to have your child perform "ahead of the curve" until they don't. And, I must admit, I found myself making major generalization about Parker based solely on his progress as a walker. I remember telling someone, "I guess Parker just won't be our athletic child." Ha! Well God has taught me something about generalizations, and more importantly, about labeling....don't do it! 

Parker went from crawling, to walking, running and jumping in about a day. Now, at only 19 months old he's an eager, determined little scooter rider. I don't think he heard me make judgements about his athleticism as a baby, but every time he insists on skateboarding or scooting just like his brother, I'm pretty sure he's proving a point, because he's improving at an alarming rate. 

So, silly old me for paying attention to growth charts. 

No one (especially not his own mother) puts my baby in a corner. 


Jessica G. said...

He is such a cutie! One of Connor's friends didn't start walking until he was 18 months old. It was weird at the time, as Connor started walking before he was one. But, now at 4 years old, you can't tell a difference between the two at all.

Anonymous said...

What a stud! I love his enthusiasm :))

Anonymous said...

Awesome. We will not label those boys ever

Anonymous said... one puts baby in a corner!!! ;-) you're the best bff love Kel

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