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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The only thing that really interests me about the Super Bowl is the food...and maybe the commercials. My husband isn't a football guy (If you asked him who was playing this Sunday he would have no clue. I love that because it means I don't have to fein interest either) BUT I really wouldn't mind hosting a Super Bowl party just so I could have a valid excuse to have all that amazing food -- potato chips, onion dip, cheese cubes, guacamole, sliders, yuuummmmm -- in my house. 

My version of a Super Bowl party would also include a few "fancy-snacks" for those of us who would rather hang around the food table discussing spice pairings and pastry creams rather than field goals.. Here's a few I plucked off Pinterest that looks delicious:

Siracha Carmel Corn from I Am A Food Blog

Are donuts a Super Bowl food?
Probably not.
But this is my fantasy football party and in my world donuts are welcome to any party.

It just wouldn't be a sports party without chicken on the bone.

Get in my tummy!

Melted Cheese -- always a crowd pleaser

And, for our health...

What will you be doing/cooking for Super Bowl Sunday this year?
I'll find me lingering around the snack table.

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Jessica G. said...

You have my mouth watering! I am not a football fan. Last year we went to a friend's house for a superbowl party and I later found out that her hubby was not happy that everyone stood around talking instead of watching the game! Oops! But I really could care less about the game.

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