Weekends are Wonderful

Monday, November 25, 2013

This past weekend was one of those lovely, rare weekends with nothing on the agenda. We ended up filling it up with fun - but not too much. Just enough to enjoy ourselves but get some rest time in too.

A few highlights:

- Neighbors, potlucks, and too many crazy, adorable children running around

- Friends coming up from LA for lunch and couch-time

- Picnics! Saturday night we watched the sunset and ate In N Out in the van perched on a great local lookout point. Sunday we grabbed burritos after church and sprawled in the grass admiring the incredible island views. 

- A babysitter, really good friends, and great live music

- Downtime by myself to watch Grey's Anatomy and enjoy the silence

And one minor lowlight:

- We arrived late to church on Sunday morning and it was packed, so RJ and I opted to sit on the floor near the front. About fifteen minutes later, during announcements, two darling teenage boys got out of their front-row seats and motioned for us to switch with them. I had two immediate, simultaneous thoughts 1) Who is the mother of these darling boys? I need to meet her and learn from her, and 2) I am official OLD. These two boys were sitting in their seats feeling sorry for my old bones on the floor. This would have never happened 5 years ago. 

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