Friday Favorites

Friday, November 22, 2013

A few little things we have been loving lately:

- As you well know Landon loves a good dance party. He also loves hip hop and pop music. And he loves singing along to the radio. What I don't love is my 4 year old son bopping around the house belting "yeah your sex takes me to paradise." Enter KidzBop. The most awesome Pandora station for pop music preschoolers. It takes all the current hits and rerecords them with clean(er) lyrics (I still skip past the rare selection). Plus they  play cartoon soundtracks and Alvin and the Chipmunks.   

 Courtesy of my dance star - a photo of Mama and Winnie drinking coffee and judging dance move creativity. 

Another favorite in our home right now - Parker has discovered hot cocoa. And I have discovered that demitas mug make a perfect sized toddler cup. He inhaled that tasty beverage this morning in his very own "mug."

What have you been enjoying lately? 

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