Sometimes You Need To Just Ignore The Children

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

RJ and I totally ignored our kids this morning.

Landon wakes up early but Parker will sleep in until nearly 8am most mornings.
When Big Brother came into our room bright and early today RJ rolled over, handed him an iphone with Angry Birds Apps and gave him permission to help himself to a yogurt in the fridge.
Then we slept for another 20 minutes. 

In all honestly this scenario occurs about once a week. 

But today we took it a bit further...

After twenty minutes of extra slumber RJ got out of bed and started the coffee pot.
But instead of waking and starting the day we grabbed two mugs of hot deliciousness and got back into bed.
We then sat in bed together for nearly thirty minutes - sipping coffee and talking.
it was like a teeny-tiny vacation. 

Actually, it was the highlight of my entire day.

Sometimes the kids need to be ignored (for just a little while).


Ryan and Camille said...

sounds glorius! I've been looking for the nudge to let the kids watch a movie in the other room so Ryan and I can leisurely enjoy some time together...thanks for the nudge ; )

Anonymous said...

That's why Saturday morning cartons were invented. For all the moms and dads. As long as its not abused it great to get that extra time together.

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