He makes me thankful

Thursday, November 14, 2013

RJ and I toured a potential kindergarten for Landon today. After a very thorough walk-through we grabbed a late breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon. I loved sitting down with him, completely distraction free, to discuss our thoughts, impressions, feelings, etc. concerning the school. 

It hit me while shoving fried potatoes in my mouth how incredibly thankful I am to have this man as my partner in crime. It is such a blessing to have someone to make the difficult decisions with. Not only that but he's the type of guy who prays on the car ride over and lifts out boy up into the Lord. Rad!

Plus, he's really, really cute. 

And so is our future kindergarten. 
Not gonna lie - my eyes welled with tears more than once on that tour. Time just flies, and flies, and flies. 


Hena Tayeb said...

i feel the same way.. almost everyday :)

Jessica G. said...

Love this post! That's what a marriage should be like.

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