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Friday, November 15, 2013

Who doesn't love getting mail, right?!
(Not including bills, of course.)

I love getting the mail everyday.
You never know what treasures might be awaiting you...
- a new magazine
- a card from a friend
- a party invitation
- an amazing coupon

And, for the past few months, I've received a monthly bag of goodies in a bright pink package:

- my IPSY Glam Bag

IPSY is an online make-up and cosmetics shop that features a monthly subscription service.
For $10 a month you'll find a personalized package of samples in your mailbox.
It's really fun.

I joined IPSY because I am new to the make-up scene.
For the first 30 years of my life I wore very, very little make-up.
I still don't wear much and I don't wear it everyday, but I have found make-up and beauty care to be really enjoyable. 

Joining IPSY has helped me find what I like, discover new products. and try things I never even knew about before (highlighters for your face?
It has also encouraged me to be bold and try new things.
I never would have tried a bright pink lip crayon until IPSY sent me one.
Turns out I love bright pink lips!

When you sign up for IPSY's monthly subscription they ask for a variety of information such as your hair color, skin type, eye color, etc to help personalize your bag. 
I have tried another monthly Beauty Box (BirchBox) and thus far I like IPSY best.

The bags are also timely in that you'll receive spring-ish stuff in spring and sun-care stuff in summer.
With the Holidays upon us this month's bag was full of fun party sparkles.

Some months are slimmer than others but most have a good supply of stuff.
This month was great with:
- a lip pencil
- nail polish
- bronzer
- lip balm
- eye shadow
-lip liner
and a cute gold case.

You can also give an IPSY subscription as a gift.

*I know that totally read like a paid endorsement but it was not! All Friday Favorites are completely my opinion and chosen by me.  

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Jessica G. said...

So I am totally thinking of trying this out. Buying makeup is so stressful to me (well, so it putting it on, but you know) and this would make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing this!

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