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Thursday, June 20, 2013

My friend Lauren over at Safari Roo recently flew from China to California with her husband and two littles. (P.S. - You should read her blog - they are Californians living in China and are always going on fun excursions and being adventuresome and such - it's great.) Anyway, after their epically long journey she posted some hilarious Jet-Lag photos. Traveling, particularly traveling with young people, can be exhausting. And I think Lauren was smart to document the after effects of such a monumentous journey. So I'm going to have to steal her idea and do the same:

We just busted out 1070 miles in exactly 24 hours. Yesterday we left Boulder at 2pm and arrived home  at the same time this afternoon. The kids slept much of the way and RJ was our champion - driving the entire time. 

So without further ado here's what 6 gas fill-ups, one mechanic shop stop, a final brewery dinner, 4 Starbucks double-shots, 2 super sketchy bathroom breaks, 3 killer Pandora stations, two dozen trips to the backseat to sooth/fetch snacks/cover with blankets/find toys, one celebratory "we made it to SoCal" authentic burrito stop, and  2.5 hours sleep in a gas station parking lot looks like: 

What you can't see: the stains all over their clothes, the goldfish crackers smashed into their seats, the screaming that took place just moments ago

no caption needed

maybe one too many double-shots??!

It's good to be home!

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Anonymous said...

I love it, Anna! Traveling with kids is not without its challenges... but the highs are so much higher (and you forget about lows fairly quickly). Thank goodness for road snacks and espresso.

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