Getting To Know Mom Through Pinterest

Thursday, May 30, 2013

As anyone else noticed that as you get older there is a strange evolution of sorts in your relationship with your parents? They stop being just "mom and dad" and become Real People. With real personalities and likes and dislikes. (weird, right?!)

Over the past decade or so it's been really fun to get to know my Mom and Dad in a completely new way. Although I still value and rely on their insight and wisdom in many situations, our relationship is more of a friendship than ever before. I've really enjoyed getting know them through a different lens.

A few months ago I helped my mom get on Pinterest. She's a great decorator and loves DIY projects so I knew Pinterest was going to be a favorite. And sure enough she loves it. She spends a few minutes nearly every morning sitting down with her ipad scrolling through the site. And as one of her followers I have the great privilege of seeing exactly what she pins: 

It.has.been fascinating! I'm learning that my mom has a hilarious - albeit at times surprising - sense of humor. Just check out a few of her humor pins - 

FART BE GONE! Flatulence Deodorizer Pad, only $24.95.

And be warned, if she invites you to a party in the future you might find yourself doing this:

The shake-all-the-ping-pong-balls-out-of-the-kleenex-box-in-a-minute game.
She's also always threaning to send Butter back to us (I'm so incredibly allergic to her my parents took her two years ago to live with them.) But thanks to Pinterest I know her threats are just a ruse; I'm fairly confident that a person who considers the following loves their dog -

I love you Mom! Keep on pinning. 


keri said...

this is HILARIOUS. and yes. :)

Anonymous said...

Bahahahah!! I love this! Mom is too funny. I'm sure she has showed you the 3d tattoos she likes?! Who would have thought...

Linda Z said...

Ha! It is funny to see your parents in a different light. And teachers, too! :)

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