We've gone the way of the van

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

But not the mini-van. 

(Despite my love for the mini-van RJ is still waaayyyy to cool for that.)

So meet our newest member. A 1989 VW Syncro. 

She's pretty much amazing. Back bench seat lays down into a bed large enough for three of us (RJ, Landon and I already spent a cozy night back there camping in Refugio). Enough room in the middle section for Parker's pack'n'play (his camping quarters). Optional middle bench for extra seating. Captain's chairs up front and one of them is on a swivel (ohh-la-la!). AND, best yet, you get to flash the VW peace-sign fingers whenever you pass another bus!

All she needs is an awesome name. 

Landon wants to name her Johnny Rapp. Which I find hilarious considering it's the name of RJ's friend and colleague that Landon has met maybe half a dozen times. So random. 

But RJ is insistent that the van have a female name. We have a few top contenders but before choosing I'll ask if anyone else has good suggestions??? 

camping in Refugio

RJ says girls driving Syncros is hot


Jessica G. said...

This is the type of van I want!!! I was actually browsing craigslist for one earlier today! Oh, and I totally noticed it in one of your instagram pictures a couple weeks ago...maybe at the beach or something? I am that obsessed with VW vans! Do you use it as your daily driver or just for trips?

Anonymous said...

Love it! We dream of camper vans and extended road trips. I can vicariously live through you in the interim ;). Oh, and I noticed some safariRoo blog lovin', THANKS so much, Anna!

Two Cent Sparrow said...

Jessica - It's RJ's daily driver right now (we sold our truck so he needs something that will hold is surfboards.) But once we have three kids it will probably be my daily driver and he will get something else. I highly recommend one (although we've only had ours a few weeks.) But, be warned that they can be money pits and need a lot of maintenance. We decided to give it a go since RJ is good with cars and will (hopefully) be able to do alot of the work himself. They are awesome though!

Linda Z said...

Sweet! I like it! :) I bet you are going to be so happy with the convenience of it!

We just got a Mustang and named her Charlie! :) Kind of a boy/girl name that we thought was appropriate! :)

Two Cent Sparrow.
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